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Aftermarket Seats & Custom 1st Class Modifications


Custom seats are a very individual matter. Each of the following manufacturers have good, albeit expensive, products.
Thorough investigation into the various characteristics of each would be wise before spending anywhere between $350
to $900 for a complete set of seats and backrests.  The V Star 1300 Riders forum on Delphi is a great place to get
information and valued opinions about some of these products before you buy something for yourself.  Click on the

name of the seat in the left column and it will open a new window taking you directly to that company's web site.  


E.D. Seats      


Now being praised by 1300 riders as an amazingly comfortable yet also supportive seat that is 2nd to none. 
Priced very competitively to easily compete with other popular aftermarket seats.
***As an unusual yet highly welcomed feature, E.D.Seats are available in a STANDARD size, LOW-FORWARD size and BIG TOURING size.    
-----USA: Contact Mike Couch /email: mike@edseats.ca /direct phone #: 419-654-6235

-----Canadadian residents: Call toll-free: 877-594-5425
Additional pictures: 

5% DISCOUNT to FORUM members.  When you call let them know you read about it here.   

Ultimate Seats

Ultimate seats have been around for a good while now and almost all who have this seat believe that the seat is very appropriately named.  As excellent and comfy as it is for the rider, it seems to be even more appreciated by the passenger.  It's very easy to agree with Ultimate's motto:  "It feels like your butt has gone to heaven!" 

Having measured the Ultimate rider's seat and the stock OEM seat, it was discovered that the Ultimate positioned the rider 5/8" forward and 7/8" higher than the OEM seat.

Mustang Seats

Mustang seats became very popular very quickly as riders and passengers found it to make short, moderate, to all-day rides enjoyable and very comfortable.  There are possibly more Mustang seats found on the V Star 1300 than any other.  Great price, great comfort, great seat.  And rarely will anyone find a better price for a Mustang seat that at Shane's SS Custom Cycle.  www.sscustomcycle.com

Most riders report that this seat position the rider somewhat more forward than the OEM seat, by approximately 1 inch.   

Corbin Seats

Corbin offers, as do the other manufacturers, many options to their seats, including various colors,

trims and style designs. Theirs are available only from Corbin and are not sold through other suppliers. 

Corbin also offers heated seats.  Corbin Dual Touring seat is one of only a few that actually position the rider lower than the stock OEM seat.  It's a noticeably harder seat than most, but there are many long-distance riders that prefer it over the others.


(custom modification

on OEM seats or

aftermarket seats)

Exceptional customized and personalized modifications done to either the rider or passenger seat, or

both....even to include the rider or passenger backrest pad if needed. 
Pat Mitchell is a top quality individual and does exceptional work at re-shaping seats to make them

amazingly comfortable, regardless of the seat....stock or aftermarket.  You will find his cost very much
in line with others for what's been discovered to be a an exceptionally comfortable seat that is oftentimes even superior to buying a brand new seat....perhaps 1/3 to 1/2 the cost.  
Contact Pat Mitchell at ASTECH SEATS in Jonesboro, IN (NE of Indianapolis).  It could end up being a
very worthy call.  866-755-BIKE (2453)









Motorcycle Seat Mods

Spencer does custom modifications to all types of factory seats. The process involves undercutting the

original stock seat foam from the nose to the tail and using it as a form only, then replacing the removed

foam with different types, shapes and densities of material between the original pan and the form. 

On the V Star 1300, Spencer highly recommends the "LD" upgrade with Supracor material for both the

stock driver and passenger seat. The passenger seat is considered an automatic Supracor upgrade, due

to it's inferior stock quality, and as such you should not expect to see the same level of improvement as

you will for the driver's seat. The modification runs around $100 plus round-trip shipping for both driver

and passenger, and turn around time is quoted as 24/48 hours from the day the seat is received.

Mean City Cycles

Mean City Cycles does custom modifications to all types of factory seats. These range from simple

re-shaping to removal of much of the factory foam and replaciing with 5.5# hospital grade memory

foam. Mean City is currently only taking new work by appointment only to keep turn-around time

down. You set the appointment, pay a $25 fee to hold your slot (this $25 is applied toward you

order later), and they call to tell you when to send the seat.


DIY Motorcycle Seats

This is a Do-It-Yourselfer's resource site providing guidance and recommended tooling to, yes, do a seat modification yourself. It provides information on types of foams, seat shapes, tools, and how to modify

your own seat. 



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