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Maintenance - Installing Progressive Front Springs

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Progressive Spring Installation


Installation of Progressive Suspension 11-1126 front fork springs (available from S&S Custom Cycle)


Before starting it is recommended that you thoroughly read Progressive's Installation document. which contains notes, recommendations, and warnings regarding installation.

1.  Remove handlebars (Be SURE to pad your tank!) The bars can be laid on the tank or headlight with appropriate padding.
2.  Raise the bike so the front wheel is off the ground.
3.  Remove fork caps (they could and should be under light to moderate pressure)
4.  Compress the forks fully either by dropping the bike back to the ground or by other means. (a nylon ratcheting strap from the axle to windshield bracket worked well)
5.  Remove the spacers, washers, and springs. 
6.  At this point Progressive recommends thoroughly cleaning the oil out and replacing it for best performance.Also they issue a WARNING not to exceed an oil level measurement of less than 5.5" below the top of the tubes with forks completely compressed. The factory specifies 4.13" with the original springs; Therefore, if not changing the oil you should remove at least 1.4" to take the level down to a 5.5" minimum. If you simply drop in the new springs and spacers with inadequate air space you risk damage to the fork components
Once you are satisfied the oil level is correct you can then allow the forks to go back to full extension in preparation for re-assembly.

7.  Drop in the new springs and washers.
8.  Cut the PVC spacers being sure to clean all cutting debris from them. The debris could clog the orifices in the damping tubes. There are several recommendations on length, the original poster stated 3", documents that S&S sends with the springs state 3-1/2". Progressive recommends that the spacers be cut to a length equal to the top of the tube with forks fully extended (off the ground). This will provide "proper" preload of the springs of 3/4" to 1" as most fork caps are 3/4 to 1 inch in length. Since this is a "non-specified" part for the XVS1300 do whatever works for your riding preference. More preload yields a firmer, harsher ride, and a taller ride height. It is recommended not to go below a minimum of 3/4".
9.  With the front end still off the ground replace the fork caps and torque to specification. Remember the longer the spacers, the more difficult it will be to start the fork caps into the forks. Take care here as the caps are fine-threaded lightweight aluminum and could easily cross-thread and be damaged.
10. Reassemble handlebars & trim.
These springs eliminate the annoying clunk that plagued the stock suspension in earlier models of the V-Star 1300 and provide improved ride characteristics.




For more information on the role of air and oil within the suspension see this link
The Progressive part number is 11-1126 and is specified by Progressive for the V-Star 1100 but is preferred by many over the 1145 specified by Progressive for the V-Star 1300.


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