License Plate Lay Down

License Plate Lay Down
From what I remember, Kman (Hubby of thebz) .. (Brenda of the no show Red) did the original post on the license plate lay down.


There was not much in the way of instructions with the photos.  I have the original photos.  Glad Kenny came over and helped with mine..  *grins*


Once you remove the back assembly, (using a 10 mm wrench from UNDER the fender).

The acorn nuts are welded to the bracket and are not meant to be removed.  (now he tells me..)

You will cut open the holes that hold the wiring harness.








These are the parts you are going to remove from the stock bracket.   I used a dremel tool

and about 6 disks. Then touched up the raw steel with black Krylon.








This is what the finished bracket will look like.   I went ahead and cut the ears off the bracket below

the rubber stopper so they didn't extend past the license plate frame.








This is the bracket going back on the bike. Notice that the bracket is now "upside" down from what it was








Connect your plugs back, the blinker wires will TIGHTLY go back inside the chrome housing,

The brake light plugs will feed through the rubber grommets and be hidden behind the fender.







The finished product will produce the laid down license plate. 

Very clean looking without the "billboard" effect.









Before I straightened my frame up; 

I left the horizontal bracket to hold my red reflector.... I did not cut it off as Kman did. 

I will use that surface area to secure my Knight Riderz light when it arrives. 

I moved my Texas MVI (motor vehicle inspection) sticker to the back of my backrest.


The luggage rack is a modified Cobra rack for an 1100.   Even though I had to drill 2 extra holes, it

was still stronger and sturdier than the stock 1300 rack..  


Some of the guys wondered if there was enough light on the license plate after the lay down.

Couple of cops I asked said that it was fine, but some have added the Kuryakyn LED license plate lights or similar product.





mbhales added:
Nice job! I did essentially the same thing, only difference was I found that I could leave all the plugs under the license plate.
I was leery of putting the plugs inside the fender where they would be more exposed to the elements. I may even go back and add some silicone around some of the more exposed parts.
As for the light, I was able to remove the pins from the brake/tail light plug by using a long probe and releasing the clips inside. Then, I pried the metal crimping from around each wire and laid the corresponding wire from the LED alongside it. Then I re-crimped the wire to hold it while I soldered it in place. Then I simply inserted each pin back into the plug, making sure it was fully seated. It looks like it came from the factory that way.