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Star Motorcycles Big Bar Engine Guards



The Big Bar Engine Guards (Yamaha P/N STR-3D831-20-00) are Star's factory accessory engine guards. They share the look of the Big Bar Engine Guards designed for the Star Roadliner and Stratoliner.


The installation process involves:



Update on Star Big Bars (sent in by Frostbite)

     If you are like me you have been plagued with vibration in the left engine guard. Why the left and not the right? Look at your bike. The left is the transmission side. The gear shift mounts to the same points as the engine guard.

     Do this check, put your bike in idle and check the left and right bars. Odds are you will feel a slight vibration in the left and not the right. This harmonic is coming from your transmission and being transmitted thru the shifter (my opinion, not a fact).

     I thought the cure was to put a rubber isolator pad between the bar and the frame but this did not work. I took it to my dealer and my service manager took a careful look and decided there was too much unsupported distance between the mounting points and where the bar turned up. For the record that is about 6" of unsupported flange from the last bolt to where the bar begins.

     What he did was take a 6" piece of chrome about the same thickness of the flange because that is what he happened to have in the shop. He drilled two holes to match the mounting holes and drilled another hole near the bar end and drilled a matching hole in the flange. He then mounted it up and put a bolt thru the extra hole thus tieing the flange and reinforcement together. FIXED. This is remarkably sturdy and there is no more vibration. The cost was 1/2 hour of shop labor.


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