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Handlebars - Controls - Cables

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Handlebars / Controls / Cables

NOTE:  To provide consistent comparative numbers, measurements listed below were taken while the handlebars were positioned on a bike in a normal riding position, rather than measuring them positioned lying flat on a bench. 


As with most aftermarket items, this site highly endorses Shane at SS Custom Cycle as the person you should contact when considering a possible replacement handlebar.  He carries almost every brand and style of handlebar that will fit your 1300.  Shane also willingly provides information and assistance that you will find to be second to none. 

Phone: 845-632-2729   


V Star 1300 Stock Handlebars

A very common criticism of the V Star 1300 is the lack of pullback on the stock handlebars, and with many the bar is a little too wide.  Those who find it acceptable often loosen the riser clamps (located under the speedometer) and rotate the bars usually up (occasionally down) for a better fit.  Many have gone ahead and replaced the bar.


RSTD - Royal Star Tour Deluxe Handlebars

The Royal Star Tour Deluxe (RSTD) stock handlebars P/N 1D6-26110-01-00 is the most often chosen replacement handelbar for the V Star 1300, although it also isn't ideally suited for everyone.  When making this change, no replacement of any of the control cables are necessar, although   Instead, some slight rerouting of the cables is all that is necessary.


Flanders Metric Medium Width Pullback Bar

Another handlebar fast becoming a favorite is the Flander Metric Medium Width Pullback Bar, this bar measures: Height 7" Width 30.5"  Pullback 16.5"

Center 9.5"  Flanders Part Number #650-08773.

This custom bar also allows the use of the stock cables, no re-cabling is required.   *OEM grips will not work


Baron's Nostalgia Bar

Another aftermarket bar that allows the 1300 rider to keep their stock cables.   Baron advertises the measurements at:  Rise: 4.5", width: 36", Pullback is 13.5".  Baron's Part # BA-7307-00.  *OEM grips will not work


Baron's Star Bar

A second choice from Baron is their Star Bar.   Measurements provided are: Rise 4.5" ,Width 36", Pullback 13.5" Center 6.5".  Also allows use of stock cables.  *OEM grips will not work


SS Custom Cycle - SS Baby Beach Bar

Shane at SS Custom Cycle has introduced their newest handlebar for the 1300, Styling somewhat like the Nostalgia Beach bar, without quite as wide of a grip to it.. The bar maintains a similar hand positioning to stock, except lower and about 1.5" back from stock.  Stock cables will work on this bar..  *OEM grips will not work.


V Star 950 - Stock Bar

This bike is new to the market this year - see chart for more info


SS Custom Cycle - Bagger Bar

Also new to the list - see chart for more info


This chart is for comparative purposes only when comparing one handlebar against another.  These measurements were 

taken with the handlebars positioned on a flat surface, therefore the actual true inches of "PULLBACK" you will have once the bar   

has been placed on your bike will vary, depending upon how exactly you end up adjusting and positioning your handlebar.


Brand Center Rise Pullback Width Stock Cables? OEM Grips?

V Star 1300 OEM Stock Bar - 2007-09

 2010-12 -the handlebar was changed 

to where it and the V Star 950 share

the same handlebar














Yamaha RSTD bar

Part #1D6-26110-01-00
SS Custom Cycle has the RSTD style of bar, seen here about 1/2 down the page:

The Baron RSTD equivalent is #BA-7308 

8 8 16.5 33

Yes -"may" need 

very slight and

simple re-routing

Yes (w/bar end weights)

Kuryakyn ISO grips require

no weights

Baron's Nostalgia
8 3.5 14.5 36 Yes No
Baron's Star Bar
6.5 4 12.5 36 Yes No
Flanders Medium Width
9.5 7 16.5 30.5 Yes
(See NOTE below)
Flanders Cruiser Bar - Taller
11.25 8 14 32.5 Yes No
Flanders Tall Ultra Classic
11.5 9.5 14 36 No No

SS Custom Cycle

Nostalgic Beach Bar

  4.5 14.5 36   Yes

SS Custom Cycle 

Baby Beach Bar

8.5 5 12.5 34 Yes No

SS Custom Cycle

Bagger Bar

  6.5 15 30 Yes No
Yamaha RS Venture 7.5 6 14 31 Yes Yes, and end weights

NOTE: Re Flanders #650-08775:  One rider successfully used existing cables and brake line BUT needed to move them behind the windshield mounting bracket first to provide more slack. 
Another rider said his dealer could not make the existing cables work and ended up installing longer "cables, brake line and wiring for the starter/kill switch."

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