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WELCOME to thV Star 1300 WIKI site.


THANKS to so many of YOU who have helpsed this site become a superb resource  

to benefit all Yamaha V Star 1300/Deluxe owners.  The information contained

was compiled from various resources, including thousands of V Star 1300/Deluxe

riders who are members of our forum, DELPHI "V Star 1300 Riders," and members

of our sister forum, 1300Tourer.com.  Additionally, some information contained

here came directly from "the source," e.g. the manufacturers of the products and 

accessories that you will find mentioned here.


Everyone enjoy!  We are very glad you are here. 
If you are not yet a member, here is your link to the Delphi "V Star 1300 Riders" forum site

where you can sign up if you wish to do so (simple & FREE).  We believe you will be very

glad you didhttp://delphiforums.com/vstar1300
















 YAMAHA - Preferred Dealers 
- Dealers reported by 1300 riders to receive HIGH marks




YAMAHA Deeply Discounted OEM Parts & Accessories


20% DISCOUNT - - no tax & no charge for shipping:





YAMAHA SPORTS PLAZA  www.yamahasportsplaza.com


              for the V STAR 1300/Deluxe
SS Custom Cycle - www.sscustomcycle.com 

Seats, Tires, Handlebars & Grips, Full Exhausts & Slip-Ons, Custom Air Kits, Fuel Controllers, Tachometers, Suspension Upgrades, Windshields, Lights, Engine Guards, Wheels, Radiator Covers, etc., etc., etc., etc.

There is no better place than SS Custom Cycle and no better person than SHANE for buying 
aftermarket products to make your V STAR suit your needs exactly to your liking.  Contact him via a phone call or email - - you'll be very glad you did. 

(There are NO paid advertisements here.  This is purely a testament to the consistently excellent products, price, and 2nd to none pre-sale and post-sale assistance Shane has continually provided for many years.)   




ALARMS - Build your own

Maintenance - Adjusting the Valves


Maintenance - Diagnostic mode

Backrest - Extend your stock backrest

Maintenance - Removing the Gas Tank

Bags / Luggage / Racks


Battery - Jump Starting   
Brakes - Fluids / Pads / Bleeding brakes   



This is a new and unfortunate list which includes companies that seemed to do everything they could possibly do to make someone's buying experience miserable.



CLUTCH - Replacing Clutch Cable

A big thanks to both Bobb_1st and jusriding for sharing these instructions.  

IMPORTANT to note: 1st part applies to 2007 and maybe 2008 models, while 2nd part applies to 2009 and perhaps all later models:

2007 models:  "...No need to  remove or loosen the tank. I removed the left side fork cover and the cover above the clutch lever on the right side of the motor. I tied (fishing) line to the clutch end of the cable and pulled the cable out at the neck. Afterwards I tied the end of the line that came out at the neck to the clutch end of the new cable and fished it back through. I hooked up (attached) the ends (of the new cable), adjusted the clutch, and went riding. It took me about 45 minutes."

2009 -2015 models: Gas tank needs to be raised or removed because there are 3 zip-ties holding the clutch cable and other wires against the frame which need to be snipped in order to position the new cable along the same path as the old one.



Cross-Referenced Parts and Accessories  

Diagnostic Mode - how to access in the speedo display   

Drive Belt maintenance - Adjusting the Drive Belt  
Drive Belt - Emergency Roadside Repair  

EMERGENCY FLASHER - adding one to the V Star 1300:


ECU - Here is an excellent video describing how the Yamaha ECU works.  Click on the following:


A big ol "Thank You" goes to BARON58 for providing this link.  


Electrical - 8-Way Power Connector "how-to"

Exhaust: Muffler "baffle-wrap" how-to.......




FMS - Fuel Controllers   FAIRINGS - see "Windshields" below and to the left. 

Front Forks - Replacing FORK OIL the easy way

(Thanks to 'Jusriding' for these instructions)


Raise the front tire till the forks are fully extended. Leave the handelbar on. Remove the fork caps. Slide a siphon hose down the tube -- an 'outboard motor' type of fuel line with siphon works excellent. Jiggle the siphon down the forks that extra three inches to get to the bottom. Siphon out into a container, such as a 16 oz plastic cup, then replace the same amount new fork oil as was taken out, approx 14 oz per fork. Put fork caps back on. Do not over tighten.


Fuel Management - Things You Should Know
  GPS - Planning and Downloading Rides.docx  

Gas Tank MOD:  https://web.archive.org/web/20180429184303/http://www.1300tourer.com/?q=content/how-section


Gasoline - Top Tier

Hardware:  Stainless Steel nuts & bolts - precautions 

(Thanks RRS07V1300)

Handlebars - Controls - Cables

Hardware:  'NYLOC' - a worthy tip before using them 

Helmet Locks    

Highway Bars / Saddlebag Guards




Jack's O2 Mod  

KEYS - spare: "YH63" or "YM63" at your local hardware store ($2)


Thanks to "Curley95" for sharing the following information:
Owning two Yamaha Star cruisers, he
had only one side of his new key cut for each specific bike, allowing him to use the same key for either bike.  This works well since the key switch mechanism uses only one side of the key to unlock it.  

  KEY mod - PegLeg's "Pirate Key Mod" for easier access

License Plate Lay Down


Light BULBS and Lights 


Lights - why use a Load Equalizer with LED turn signals   
Motorcycle Lifts  

OIL and Oil Changes

Paint and Decals

RADIATOR - - Flush & coolants  


Painting - - using Spray Can

REAR SHOCK - adjusting to a firmer setting  


Performance Mods -

Airbox Mod and Drilling The Exhaust



**Replacement hinges for ~$35 each ordered from the Yamaha dealer:

Left hinge:   #5S6-F8444-00
Right hinge: #5S6-F845E-00 


OR if someone is interested instead in replacing a lost hinge for a couple of bucks:


Per N3cr0shark and Rick (Laterider), a 0.25" x 1.5" dowel pin works well...also 6mm x 38mm.

Repairing ("thanks" to N3cr0shark for the included picture)


SAFETY TIPS - (thanks to PegLeg for the initial idea to
nclude a Safety folder in the Delphi V Star 1300 Riders
also to Chris/cmusemeche for the excellent 

suggestion to add the information to this site. 
You will find that part of the information contained here comes from some of the many terrific sites found online, with other information coming directly from our forum members' personal experiences.  The link below will take you directly to a page where you will locate the folder titled,

PegLeg's SAFETY CORNER.  It contains over 50 safety related

topics and about 600 follow-up messages and comments.

Please read as many as you can, if not every one of them, as
there may come a time in the future while riding when you will

be very, very glad you did.  Not just the newest posts, but go
back as far in time as you can.  The posts go back 2-1/2 years,

but depending upon which exact Delphi membership you have,

Free/Standard, Extra, or Plus, you will be able to search back 3 months, 1 year, or back as far as you want to seek out information. 




Spark Plugs     

Suspension:  PROGRESSIVE front and rear


Installing Progressive Front Springs    

Tachometer "Adapter" for the 1300's SINGLE FIRE ignition

Owner's Manual

TIRES   (also see Wheels and Wheel Tools below)




TIRE ACCESSORIES - gauges, etc. 



SERVICE MANUAL - 11 mb PDF file <---click
After clicking on the above link, once you see a new cover page appear, look up towards the top left corner of that page and you'll see the DOWNLOAD link.  Click on that link.  Depending upon your device used, it may take from several seconds to almost a minute to download the full 11 MB V STAR 1300 "SERVICE" Manual.  

Once downloaded, you will want to save it to a new folder, perhaps one in "MY DOCUMENTS" for continued future reference.  

Wheels and Wheel Tools



> Possibly wise to have replaced once one's bike approaches the 100k mark. 



V Star 1300 Riders Forum


KD's Power Commander Tips


Rider's Tips


Clutch fix Tech Tip

  V Star 1300 Links 



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