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Backrest - Extend your stock backrest

Page history last edited by MORG_kw 5 years, 5 months ago
 - By Morg_KW
After switching to my new aftermarket seat (Corbin) seat, I immediately realized that the new passenger seat was considerably higher than the stocker, causing the backrest pad to press against the very bottom of my wife's back.  The same applies when switching to a Mustang or Ultimate seat (which I eventually got).
I quickly came up with what I thought was a somewhat simple solution to raise the backrest pad, itself.  
What did I do???
I went to a boat parts store (West Marine, but could have gone to ACE, Home Depot, Lowes, etc.) and I bought a fairly small piece of 1/2" thick black polymer (plastic).  FYI....the same result here can be found when using a thinner piece of aluminum.
First:  Once I determined the proper measurements, I then placed my backrest pad (I have Yammy's custom contoured backrest pad - works identically with the stock pad or one of another brand) against the piece of polymer and drew a line along the top to approximate the curvature of the concave area in the back of the pad.  I then went all out (ha!) and used a Tupperware lid (rocket science, huh???), one that was was identically sized and shaped as the top of this rounded concave area, drawing a nice rounded outline along the top of this piece of plastic for rounding off its top corners.  I then used a jigsaw to very quickly and easily cut off and round the top corners.  I also cut off some of the bottom overhang to "clean it up." 
Next: I used the stock hole pattern for measuring the holes in the new piece of plastic.  I then drilled 2 sets of holes, one to match where the seat WAS positioned, which is where it once again was bolted and attached onto the sissy bar.
I then drilled a second set of three holes 4" higher than the stock position (can obviously be less if you choose, based upon how much higher the backrest pad needs to be on "your" bike), but this was where we found it most suitable for my awesome little wifey.  It positioned the pad "perfectly" against her back where it was both very natural and comfy for her.  
A final step for some would be to have this piece of polymer covered in a marine grade black vinyl, allowing it to flow really nicely and match the back rest pad and seat, something that I ended up doing ($10)
Other than using the jigsaw, this little project required nothing more than buying the polymer and some new stainless steel metric hardware to secure it (thanks to Ace).  All in all, very simple & extremely effective.  Once everything was bought, it required about 30-45 minutes of my time.  If one doesn't have a jigsaw, borrow one from a friend.  It requires only a couple of minutes to make the cut. 
After all, if the wife/significant other/adult buddy/riding partner/great friend is comfy and happy, YOU will be happy, too.   : )  

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