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Aftermarket - Cross Referenced Parts

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 Aftermarket & Cross-Referenced Parts List


We hope to provide a list here of popular modifications or add-ons and those not specifically shown for the

V Star 1300, may in fact be interchangeable.




The chrome master cylinder cover for the V Star 1100 fits perfectly on the 1300.  Yamaha part number STR-5BN18-10-01. There are numerous other suppliers that offer variations of this type of part for the 1100 and hence the XVS1300.
   These National Cycle hand deflectors are not shown many places as a fitment for the V Star 1300 but the model # N5503 is currently spec'd for it. It is the same model designation as the Road Star, V Star 1100 & 650. National Cycle recently updated their listings to include the XVS1300

The following list of parts share the same OEM part numbers and would therefore be interchangeable on the XVS1300 V Star:


Oil filler plug                       All V Star 1100 & 650

Lower front fork tubes       V Star 1100 Classic

Front wheel                       04 and up V Star Classic

Mirrors                               All V Stars , RSTD , RoadStar

Brake lever                        V Star 1100 & 650 Classics

Clutch lever                       V Star 1100 & 650 Classics

Handlebar grips                 All V Star 1100 & 650 , RoadStar

Floorboards                       (not mounting brackets)and floorboard pad -  RSTD ,  roadstar ,  v star 1100 classic     

Battery                              RSTD , RoadStar

Passenger Floorboards     Royal Star, All V Stars (Require model specific mounting hardware)

Rectifier & regulator ass'y Raider , Roadliner , Stratoliner

Progressive Springs          V Star 1100 (#11-1126)




The following parts have differnt OEM part numbers yet will work on the XVS1300 with no modifications.


Clutch perch ()        RoadStar , V Star 1100 & 650 classics


Front master cylinder (brushed aluminum and 3/8" shorter but all connections the same)        all V Star 1100 & 650

Front brake calipers and mounts (brushed aluminum and the 1300 uses a different pad )        V Star 1100


   It has been reported on another forum that the chrome "lowers" from the V Star1100 will fit the mounting hole pattern on the 1300. There are 3 holes on each side of which you'll only be able to use 2 and you will probably need (4) longer mounting bolts.





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