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There are many choices in luggage for motorcycles. This is just a bit of information on the subject.



Luggage Racks

There are a few manufacturers that make luggage racks for the Vstar 1300. There are even fewer that make ones that work with the OEM sissy bar. This is a list of a few popular choices.


The OEM luggage rack which is advertised in the Yamaha Accessory Catalog, is a sharp looking rack but its strength is mediocre at best with several instances reported where the mounting brackets have failed at the welds.  It is priced at about $100.



One of the best luggage racks made for our V Star 1300 is the "CUSTOM WORLD" luggage rack at Value Accessories.

It is beautifully designed and very strong, many times stronger than the Yamaha rack.

The CW rack easily attaches directly to the Yamaha sissy bar and is priced at about $140.






When someone wants a little larger (wider) luggage rack for attaching a permanent trunk, the WOMPUS luggage rack has been a popular choice.  It is available in black powdercoat, "crinkle" black, and is also available in bare steel for those who want to paint it the same color as their bike.  Its price is $220, or $200 for the bare steel model.  






There are many options for saddlebags. Of course, Yamaha has provided an option of their own. The OEM bags are a leather wrapped hard bag that match the bike well and look sharp. The price is steep but not unlike other bags of this quality. The aftermarket has many options that can take care of an individuals needs. This is a list of websites/companies that offer saddlebags. (there are many more options...this list is not finished)



US Saddlebag Co.


Willie & Max Saddlebags

Custom Classic Saddlebags

Auburn Leather Co.

Boss Bags


National Cycle



Lock Your Leathers





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